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Coal has been the main source of energy of many industries since the start of industrial revolution in the 18th century Europe and is still used in a number of industries across the globe. But, due to the pollution caused by burning of coal and also due to current Paris Agreement ratified by the United Nation, which has asked its member countries to put a tap on sources of pollution that result in global warming, the usage of coal has seen a sharp decline. Also, a large percent of low grade coal rarely reach industrial centres and is treated as a waste because their calorific value is more than offset by the cost of transportation from mines to industries.

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We have one stop solution to the problems being faced by the coal industry as by gasification of coal into high calorific value SYNGAS at the coal mines itself. The Syngas can then be piped and sent to industrial centres for utilization. Gasification of coal takes place in our Plasma Gasifier (furnace), which ensures that no pollution is generated in the process and the Syngas produced by the process is of high calorific value.