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Our plasma systems and furnaces also find great application in the field of metallurgy. We use a special combination of plasma torches and uniquely designed furnaces for each metallurgical application. By using, our plasma system in metallurgy is have been able to drastically reduce the cost of production, achieve higher operating temperature in furnace than conventional sources, have better process control, reduce wastage of gaseous products and achieve higher overall efficiency.
By using our plasma furnaces, we have been able to manufacture many unique and prized metal such as Titanium Boride, Polysilicon, Ferro-Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Aluminium, Green Iron and Steel and many more. Our plasma systems have the potential to change entire field of metallurgy which currently relies on old and archaic furnaces and techniques that have low thermal efficiency, cause pollution, lower throughput and are very expensive to operate and maintain.
Also, our plasma furnace for metallurgy along with auxiliary systems have been supplied to many industries world over and are operating under our surveillance and support.