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Plasma Systems are the backbone of our research and innovation and most of our furnaces are equipped with plasma systems of different capacities and nature according to the process requirements. Our Plasma Furnaces are the most advance metallurgical furnaces available throughout the world and are protected by 27 patents.
We have developed specialized Plasma Furnaces for the manufacturing/ processing / refining of Green Iron and Steel, Polysilicon, Aluminium, Titanium and Titanium boride and many more. For each production process a lot of changes have to be made to the furnace design, number and capacity of plasma torches and optimum operating conditions inside the furnace.
We possess the widest range of Plasma System from 15 kW capacity to 3 MW capacity. Also, we provide Plasma Systems from pilot scale to industrial scale and in many different configuration according to the needs of our client. All our Plasma Furnaces and auxiliary systems are provided with five years’ operational support and maintenance which may be extended as per requirement.