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Gasification of Coal and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) are two other important application of our plasma technology. Throughout the world, most of the Waste to Energy (WTE) plants are facing operational difficulties due to ineffective technologies (mostly incineration) for waste disposal being followed by them. And, as a result of these problems the WTE plants generate air pollution and are unable to dispose waste effectively.
Our Plasma Waste Gasifier is a one stop solution to the needs of WTE plants all across the world as it can destroy any type of waste be it organic or inorganic by the enormous heat energy generated by our plasma torches which arranged in a unique three-tier arrangement to prevent the formation of cold-spots within the gasifier. And, as a result of the gasification process Syngas is formed by breakdown of organic matter and easily converted into electricity by the means of a gas turbine.
Similarly, we also possess gasification technology for coal which is also based upon high temperature treatment of coal in plasma gasifier under controlled conditions to obtain pollution-free conversion of coal into SYNGAS. The SYNGAS can be utilized captively or sent to industrial centres in piped form. We build coal gasifier in a wide range of capacity from 50 ton to 500-ton gasification capacity per day.