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We possess unparalleled expertise in solar and electronics field and have developed a number technologies related to these fields and achieved superior efficiency as compared to the convention technologies being followed in the world.
We provide end to end machinery for production of solar panel from quartz and also for making electronic grade silicon wafers. A large array of machinery is needed for this entire value chain in which firstly quartz (SiO2) is reduced with carbon in an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) to obtain metallurgical silicon having purity of around 98%. The metallurgical silicon is then converted into polysilicon by processing and refining done in our patented Plasma Furnaces and then is treated in our directional solidification furnace for making polysilicon ingots. The polysilicon ingots are then converted into solar wafer by our wafering machines and then converted into solar cells.

The solar cell is then assembled in a string by stringer machine and then mounted on frame along with EVA, Glass, Backsheet etc. The entire assembly is then laminated by laminator to produce the final product i.e. Solar Panel.
Similarly, the electronic grade silicon is manufactured by treating the polysilicon in our Czochralski Crystal Puller furnace or Float Zone Furnace both of which produce single-crystalline silicon ingot. This ingot is the feed material for the electronic industry and is converted into wafer by our wafering machine.

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