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Who we are?

Axino Technologies is a dedicated team of Plasma and Solar Scientists, Engineers and Innovators from Europe and USA offering cutting edge and the most advance technologies and machinery in the fields of Plasma based Metallurgy, Plasma Waste Gasification, Polysilicon Ingot and Solar Wafer Manufacturing, Waste Water Purification Systems, Rare Metal Production Techniques, Green Iron and Steel Production, Coal Gasification and in many more areas. We have a broad range of technologies which can be integrated into various industries to enable sustainable, pollution free and low-cost production. Also, our plasma systems and furnaces are protected with 27 patents and are second to none in the world.
We are also tightly coupled with various key industrial players of the globe and undertake optimization of industrial processes on a continuous basis. We have our own manufacturing facility at various locations in USA and Europe where we built various machinery and equipment and follow highest standards of industrial practices and deliver only the best products to our clients.
We have undertaken numerous joint venture projects with government and private organisations in Europe and elsewhere, in the fields of Plasma based municipal waste gasification, Sewage Water Purification, Ferro-Silicon Manufacturing, Polysilicon Production and many more.


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Our expertise in optimizing existing industrial processes and integrating new technologies to them, is unparalleled. We can supply advance equipment and machinery to upgrade existing production facilities engaged in the fields of metallurgy, waste disposal, water purification, renewable energy (solar, wind and tidal), polysilicon production, nuclear material production and in many more areas. We have also started co-production or joint-venture of various commodities with like-minded organisations in USA, Europe and Asia. Further, we invite any organisation which may be interested in forging partnership with us to implement the advance technologies that we possess.